The Grapefruit Diet

Shredding off extra pounds is easier said than done. It takes courage, discipline, perseverance to succeed. Aside from the hardships and the challenges which dieters face each day, finding the best dieting programs can be overwhelming.

A lot of diet programs today claim to be effective and better than others. They are so many that you will certainly have a hard time knowing which of them is true. One of the most popular diet programs today is the Hollywood diet, also known as the grapefruit diet. For certain, there are famous Hollywood stars who are religiously using this type of diet. Some even claimed of its amazing results. But is it really effective?

The Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit diet is performed by either eating a half serving of grapefruit or by drinking its delectable juice each meal. This diet encourages dieters to consume proteins rich food. In addition, dieters should adhere to the meal instructions to successfully allow the enzymes from the grapefruit to burn the fats.

The grapefruit diet should last for 12 days then two days break. That means, during the two days break, the dieter can eat whatever he or she is craving for. After which, the dieter must resume the grapefruit again for 12 days.

How Does It Works

This diet claims that enzyme found in grapefruits will help burn body fats. It is believed that grapefruit when taken with foods that are high in fats and protein will help in burning unwanted fats in the body. That is why dieters are recommended to eat meats, eggs, bacon and other foods that are rich in fats and proteins. Furthermore, dieters are restricted to eat complex carbohydrates and to cut down caffeine because it is believed that these foods can affect the insulin balance and in return can hinder the fat burning process.

The Experts’ Opinion On Grapefruit Diet

The grapefruit, like any other citrus fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. It is a storehouse of phytochemicals like flavanoids, limonoids and terpenes. These substances have excellent anti-cancer properties. Grapefruit also contains lycopene which helps protect cells. Moreover, it helps suppress tumor growth. Indeed, grapefruit has many substances that are very beneficial to one’s health. On the contrary, grapefruit has no special enzyme that can burn body fats.

This diet restricts intake of complex carbohydrates as insulin hinders the burning of fats. But the truth is insulin is responsible for storing carbohydrates into our bodies as fats. Meaning to say, even if you are not in this kind of diet, taking too much carbohydrate, most especially complex carbohydrates allow your insulin to store them as fats into your body making it difficult for us to lose weight.

The Down Side Of This Type Of Diet

We all know the benefits of the grapefruit diet. On the other hand, we cannot take away the fact that there are reported cases of people having vertigo and upset stomach. Some believe that it is brought by combination of too much coffee and so little food. You may want to seek your doctor’s advice if you feel any untoward incidence while adhering to this type of diet.

To wrap up, grapefruit diet is indeed very effective in losing weight. However, grapefruit does not have the enzymes to burn body fat. Then again, grapefruit is very nutritious and it is recommended for consumption every day. Either have it as a fruit or drink, its juice as many people can attest is very helpful in maintaining optimum health. Whether you are in a diet or not, grapefruit is very good to your well-being.

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