Swimming Workouts For Weight Loss

Today I want to discuss a good swimming workouts for weight loss. It’s fun, it’s healthy, it’s great to get that lean and mean Hollywood physique that is guaranteed to turn those heads at ANY pool!

This routine is practical for all that want to do something different for a change and especially useful if you can’t run at the moment, for example out of knee or lower back trouble. It will keep you in good shape, burn fat fast and is fun to boot!

If an athlete in rehab wants to keep his heart and lungs in shape, if an obese individual simply can’t run yet, these swimming workouts will deliver every time. It’s simple and yet powerful. With the swimming workout outlined here you will improve your energy levels and drop pounds in record time. It provides just the right hormonal response for optimize fat burning.

I recommend you go into this in a fasted state to make the very most out of your efforts. After the workout you might want to wait another hour or so before ingesting the 1st calories of the day. So in other words: in the morning, just after arising, usually is the best time for this.

Now… Are you ready? You sure? Here GOES…

The Swimming Workouts: Warm Up By Swimming Easy For Two Minutes

That’s enough. Steel yourself!

The workout starts by going hard at it for 60 seconds. Rest interval is 40 seconds. Not more, that’s important! Then next you swim fast for 40 seconds, at a higher pace. Rest 30 seconds. Again, make sure not to exceed the rest interval. It’s imperative for the accumulative fatigue effect.

Now do 30 seconds, as fast and far as you can. Take a breather for 20 seconds, then “sprint” for 20 seconds on, all out. That’s right: 10 seconds rest only, hardly enough time for a breather and the you repeat the 20 seconds set another 2 times, each time rest just 10 seconds.

This is based on the “Tabata Protocol”, and it melts fat like crazy!

If you feel like more (not too likely! ) you can do this: Do another 20 minutes of low-intensity, easy swimming to use up some extra calories.

Below is a very effective weight loss swimming workout that’s meant to get you into shape and burn fat quickly!

I wish you a good time and good luck with all your weight loss goals!
Swimming workouts:

Warm up:
60 on, 40 off
40 on, 30 off
30 on, 20 off
20 on, 10 off
20 on, 10 off
20 on, 10 off.

Additional and optional: 20 minutes continuous low intensity swimming to finish off.

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