How To Avoid Weight Gain At Work

The type of job you do and the environment you work in, can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and weight loss efforts. A lot of us have office or desk jobs that lead to us being physically inactive for long periods of the day, the majority of these jobs now include using a computer which can be mentally tiring. There is also vending machines, group food orders, drinks after work and nearby eating outlets to consider, If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, then you must take steps to avoid gaining weight at work.

Ways To Avoid Weight Gain At Work

Maybe you have just changed jobs to a more office based role or have a customer service job that involves hours sitting in the same position, the workplace does throw up challenges when you want to lose weight. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet are essential if you are looking to shed the pounds. Here are a few weight loss tips that will help you during your work day: –

1. Always Enjoy A Healthy Breakfast

If you start your day properly with a healthy and hearty breakfast, you are less likely to snack mid-morning and through the rest of the day. Choose foods such as whole grain bread, poached eggs (for protein), whole grain cereal, fresh fruit, fat-free yogurt and fresh unsweetened orange juice. A good breakfast should stop your morning trip to the vending machine for an unhealthy snack.

2. Make The Water Cooler Your Best Friend

Make regular trips to the water cooler (a good reason to move from your desk and get active) and drink plenty of water through the day. Water will keep you hydrated and alert, fighting of fatigue. It will also stop you eating too much as it is easy to mistake signs of dehydration for hunger, this leads to you eating food when all your body needs is a drink.

3. Bring In Your Own Food

Bring a packed lunch to work and leave your money at home. This will stop you snacking at the vending machine or going out for unhealthy treats. Bring in plenty of fresh fruit, which is great for snacking during your breaks. It doesn’t always have to be sandwiches either, why not make yourself up a healthy pasta dish or salad for work? Just think of all the money you will save on snacks and meals, as well as the calories.

4. Keep Active During The Day

Get up from your desk as often as possible and move around, also take the stairs at every opportunity. Walk to work if possible or park a little away from your office and walk in. Why not take a nice brisk walk in your lunch hour, and blow those cobwebs away?

5. Avoid Emotional Eating After Work

Don’t let all your good work during the day go to waste, end the day in the right way. Try to avoid the takeaway joints on your way home and don’t just collapse on the sofa and eat junk food all night. Make some healthy meals in advance when you have time, and have them close to hand for busy work days when you won’t relish cooking. Keep your fridge and cupboards free of junk food as well.

Follow my tips on how to avoid weight gain at work, and you will be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

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