Quick Weight Loss Diets

What was your New Year’s resolution? Lose weight perhaps? I wouldn’t be surprised. Losing weight is the 3rd most frequently cited New Year’s resolution. It ranks the same year in and year out, why? Because we never stick to our resolutions, I’m just amazed it isn’t number 1. This is going to be the year though, isn’t it? And, to make sure you are now on the hunt for the best meal plan for extreme weight loss. the best way to lose weight fast. Of course, that will likely mean a little something different to everyone. Did you mean best as in healthiest, or best as in fastest, or best as in cheapest, or best as in easiest? I am continually amused at supplements and diet pills that state they’re a safest way to lose weight fast. It has already been well documented that quick weight loss diets are patently not safe.

Quick weight loss often results in literal starvation. Without adequate proteins, carbs and nutrients, our cells actually begin to break down. The body is forced to cannibalize muscle to get enough nutrients to essential body structures like the kidney’s, heart and brain. Remember the western movie, “The Quick and the Dead?” It’s a rare gunfighter who survives more than one quick draw duel. Why? Because it’s not enough to be fast, you also have to hit the right targets.

Weight loss is that way too. It is not enough to lose weight quickly, you have to target the right weight to lose and you have to make sure it gets the message not to come back to town. If you shoot from the hip, you’re likely to take down the good with the bad and, guess what, the bad will just keep coming back and each time it will be harder and harder to finish off.

What’s Wrong With Using A Detox or Starvation Diet For Quick Weight Loss?

What about so called “detox,” diets? You know, the kind where you fast for a few days to get rid of all the toxins’ and heavy metals and M & M’s or whatever else is running wild through your

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system? Once again, scientific studies have shown that just as with every other quick weight loss diet, this stuff is nonsense. Unless you have some underlying medical condition like, say, kidney failure, your body is perfectly good at getting toxins out on a regular basis. If you’re kidneys are not working then toxins can build up and you need dialysis. The kidneys are our natural purification system. The best way to help them along is to drink plenty of water.

If the diet you’re looking at calls for cleansing by starvation, colonics, special anti-toxin drinks, decontamination pills or voodoo dolls, look away from the page. Type “common sense,” into the

search bar or switch to a nice game of solitaire. You don’t need that nonsense. It is money down the drain and next year, on January 1st you’ll be right back where you started out this year, except maybe lighter in the wallet.

Picking The Right Diet For Weight Loss

The best quick weight loss diet is a two step deal. First, reset your idea of quick from 10 pounds a week to 5 the first week and 1 1/2 to 2 thereafter. Secondly, reset your goal from losing weight to gaining health and fitness. After that, go look up some good basic diet plans that work out to about 1800 calories a day for men and 1500 a day for women. Yes, women get the short end of the diet stick but it doesn’t matter because we are smarter.

Once you’re able to give up the notion of losing 300 pounds in 6 months you’ll be better able to deal with the natural ups and downs of weight loss and weight control. Look closely at all the diet ads you see, every single on that touts some amazing weight loss story says right underneath, “results not typical.” That’s right, we’re seeing that story because it is special. If everybody lost 300 pounds in 6 months it wouldn’t make the news. You know those stories about a guy with only one arm and a broken leg who completed the iron man triathlon? He’s one of a kind, results not typical. You’ve got plenty of things that are special about you, you don’t need to lose weight at a miraculous pace to stand out. Put that energy into your family and relationships.

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