High Protein Diet Plan That Really Works!

There is lots of controversy in the nutrition world about a high protein diet plan.  Meal plans given by your typical dieter will consist of a ratio of 20% protein, 50% carbohydrates, and 30% fat.  Protein is the lifeblood of muscle development, and muscle development is the lifeblood of healthy fitness.

There are many more benefits of having a high protein diet plan.  Meal plans should be high in protein especially if your trying to develop this muscle.  Protein is used in the body to build, maintain, and replace the tissues in your body.  Your muscles, organs, and immune system are all made mostly of protein.

Eating foods that contain protein cause your digestive juices in your stomach and intestine go to work. They break down the protein into small building blocks called amino acids (say uh-mee-no a-sids). The amino acids are then reused to make the proteins your body needs to maintain.

High Protein Diet Plan Explained

High Protein Diet Plan Amino AcidsProteins are long chains of amino acids in different combinations.  These amino acids have the ability to join together to make thousands of different proteins. There are many different amino acids in protein, but, 22 of them are important to human health.  Out of these 22 amino acids, you can only make 13 of them without any help from food.  Since your body is unable to make the other nine amino acids, you need to obtain them by eating protein-rich foods. They are called essential amino acids, because your body doesn’t produce them.   It’s essential that you get them from different types of food you eat.

So how much protein should I have to be eating a high protein diet plan?  Meal plans I make for myself are extremely high in protein.  They usually have a breakdown of 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 20% fat.  For my body size, this will pan out to be around 300-350 grams of protein.  That is a huge amount of protein, but from my experience, it has only had positive effects.

For the average reader, take a look at your current diet plan or eating habits…you should be keeping a nutrition journal already if you’re not.  It will only help you learn what works best for you.  Anyways, find out what your diet breakdown is.  There are many diet calculators on the web today.  As long as you get a relative figure you should be okay.  Don’t make things too exact.  More than likely you are going to be taking an larger amount of calories from carbohydrates.  Add protein foods like meats, beans, or dairy products and remove portions of your heavy carbohydrate foods like breads, pastas, or starches.  This will shift the ratios in proteins favor.

My High Protein Diet Plan

My high protein diet plan consist of at least 1.5 gram of protein per pound of body weight.  30-40% of your calories should come from protein.  Don’t get too carried away and completely remove your fats.  I always suggest replacing carbohyrdates with proteins instead of your fats.  Some high protein diet plans can also be very similar to a low carb diet plan.  Fats are very important for a healthy fitness lifestyle.  Dieters commonly try and completely eliminate fats when this will only hurt your results.  So try a high protein diet plan today!  It will prove to be beneficial for you.


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