Grapefruit Diet Plan – Healthy Weight Loss

The Grapefruit Diet plan is very popular with people and it is also known as the Hollywood Diet. These are actually the different names given to the same type of diet that mostly consists of grapefruits. The principle behind the Grapefruit Diet is that grapefruits contain certain enzymes that have the ability to enhance weight loss by burning excess fat. The diet helps by burning away the fat very fast and also cleaning up the person’s digestive tract. Interested in losing fat with Grape Fruit Diet? Read on.

Before starting a Grapefruit Diet Plan, one should know that the diet is about sticking to certain food plan for twelve days and then eating normally for two days prior to returning back to the food plan. You should also remember that Grapefruit Diet doesn’t have any real scientific backing. It is just a diet that has grown to be popular with the masses. And it is a known fact that such diets can cause a reduction in metabolism rates in the long run and thereby cause eventual weight gain. You should also keep in mind that the grapefruit diet is not in any way linked to a protein diet plan. Many people take for granted that the grapefruit diet has some connection with a protein rich diet. So see that you know well about the diet before actually jumping in.

Like any other diet, the grapefruit diet begins with breakfast. First you should drink fresh grapefruit juice that is not sweetened; or you can have real grapefruit. And then, two eggs cooked oil-free along with two bacon pieces follows. You can have coffee or tea without any sugar but keep it down to one cup. And certainly, the breakfast gets over with drinking adequate clean and fresh water. Having lunch involves taking fresh grapefruit or grapefruit juice without sugar along with coffee and water. The advantage here is that you can also eat all the meat you like, whatever its kind or cooking method. You can finish the lunch with some vegetable salad of your choice.

Again, the day comes to a close with fresh grapefruit or grapefruit juice without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. You can have coffee again but it is better to keep the consumption down to eight ounce. Once more, you are allowed to eat as much meat, fish and veggies as you like during dinner time. You can also add seasoning like butter for adding flavor to the vegetable dishes. But it is always advisable to keep your distance from potatoes and other veggies of the white kind. And you can retire to bed after having a cup of skim milk or tomato juice. That’s how your grapefruit diet plan menu comes to a close.

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